Range Rover P38 # 104 - Transmission Valve Body Rebuild

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Let me know if you'd like to see a dedicated video with all the fine details for disassembly and reassembly of the valve body internals. This video was long enough in itself, but I could make a detailed video if there's enough requests for it.

Here's my previous transmission oil service video which have more details about the removal and reassembly of the pan and oil filter:

The background for this service was that the transmission experienced more and more rough shifting. Very hard downshifts to the point it made rather loud "bangs" when changing gears. If your transmission experience slipping (free-rev'ing) during shifts the clutches are more likely worn out and this described service won't help much.

You don't need that many tools to perform the valve body rebuild:

5 mm Allen key to drain sump.
8 mm Allen key to remove fill plug.
10 mm socket to drop sump.
30 mm socket to release electrical multi-plug.
Torx 27 to remove valve body bolts.
Small circlip pliers.

Note! This is for the 4HP22 E-9 4 solenoid version. Your transmission might be different. Some V8s use the 4HP24, but I think most of the rest use the same 4HP22 transmission. Check the model and serial number plate on the left side of the transmission near the shift selector.

The correct overhaul kit part number is STC4449. ZF part number 1043-298-105. However STC4448 also contains all parts used in this video.

If you don't need all the clutch o-rings you can purchase the needed parts separately.

The channel plate gasket (depends on year, but I think most P38s use the 4 solenoid E-9 revision).
RTC4657 circlips (x7)
RTC4280 rubber sleeves (x6)
RTC4281 short springs (x4)
RTC4282 long springs (x3)
RTC4276 oil filter o-ring
RTC5818 oil filter suction tube o-ring
TYX000010L o-ring transmission multiplug
RTC4653 transmission oil filter
RTC4268 oil pan gasket
STC4098 drain plug from 1999
RTC4657 drain plug washer up to 1998
STC4099 drain plug washer from 1999
TYB100080 fill plug from 1999
TYF101170 fill plug washer from 1999
RTC4653K / RTC5101 / DA4500 is a kit that contains many of these parts.
RTC5735 pan bolts (x6)
STC4444 transmission speed sensor

I don't have the part number for the tapered rubber sleeve that goes into the transmission housing.

You might need to replace one or more of the plastic check balls. I don't have their part numbers.

I also don't have the part number for the pressure regulator solenoid o-ring.

The o-ring behind the Torx 40 plastic bolt I haven't been able to source the part number for.

I highly recommend you purchase the ATSG (American Transmission Service Group) service manual for the 4HP22 transmissions as it contains all the needed information and good schematics which are needed.

Torque values:

Drain plug 15 Nm (11 ft-lb).
Filler plug 30 Nm (22 ft-lb).
Torx 27 bolts 8 Nm (6 ft-lb).
10 mm drain pan bolts 8 Nm (6 ft-lb).

The purple wire is common ground for all solenoids.
Dual solenoids should measure 30 - 34Ω (light blue and red).
Single solenoid should measure 30 - 34Ω (red).
Pressure regulating solenoid should measure 4.5 - 6.0Ω (blue).
Speed sensor should measure 265Ω at 22C / 72F.

The channel plate gasket:

Valve body bolts:

Valve body solenoid function:

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